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Libya and the Blame Game

I worked on a film project not too long ago and a few days after we wrapped, myself and another producer were going over receipts. When I couldn’t find a particular bundle of receipts from our hairdresser, I brought this to my co-producer’s attention.

“Hmm, I can’t find the hairdresser receipts.”

My co-producer responded without looking up, “Well I gave them to you.”

This comment was in no way a source of help or comfort. Her specifying that she did indeed give it to me didn’t help me to find the missing receipts. It didn’t shed light on any new information that could perhaps help me to figure out where they were. In fact, the only thing this information did was free her of potential blame that she thought I might hurl at her.

This particular co-worker on this project had a history of being passive aggressive and I suspect it’s because she (at the time and at present) worked in a corporate setting. As someone who’s worked in corporate settings for over 10 years, I’m very aware that games of “Who’s to Blame” or “Pass the Blame” (think Hot Potato, but replace the potato with blame) are as important to office culture – if not more important – as fixing problems and getting actual work done. So in an effort to explain to my co-producer the significance of my bringing up that I can’t find the receipts, I replied “I KNOW you gave them to me. What I’M saying is that I can’t find them.”

At that moment, it clicked for my co-producer that she was playing “pass the blame” alone. So she offered up some valuable information that might help in our procuring the receipts. “It’s in a black folder.” This little bit of information got the ball rolling, as a black file should be easy to identify in a sea of receipts and manila folders. Also, I remembered that the black file was something I’d had a long time ago – like near the beginning of production. I asked her when she’d given it to me (to be sure) and she said several weeks ago. And that’s when it hit me that I’d delivered the black file inside of a huge binder of other receipts to our Executive Producer who we were about to meet with in a few minutes. Problem solved. (And nobody died).

The point to this anecdote is this… solving actual problems is infinitely more productive than pointing fingers – unless, of course, you’re Sherlock Holmes and your entire job is identifying a culprit. Yes, it’s absolutely important to hold people accountable, put them under the light, expose them, make them pay for their mistakes, never let them do it again but if there’s a crisis happening, maybe fucking deal with the crisis… immediately.

This whole Libya slavery thing is a mess. I don’t even have the words for what a mess it is. I would say it’s a nightmare, but I don’t want to – even in hyperbole – insinuate that this isn’t reality. It’s very real. And horrible. But what I’m constantly seeing is how much this is Obama and Hilary’s fault.

Now let me devote an entire paragraph to how much this blog rant is NOT going in the direction you think it is. From what I’ve read, this is absolutely and positively Obama and Hilary’s fault. (And I’m saying “from what I’ve read” just in case new light emerges – which I totally doubt. But you never know. The older I get the more I realize that once you think you know something and make a loud, declarative statement, that’s the moment when life slaps the shit out of you and tells you to sit your dumb ass down, so now I always put a “at this moment in time” disclaimer on any definitive statements because… yeah, life.) And for the record, I am not an Obama and Hilary worshipper. In fact, I have a functional level of distrust for politicians and people in power as a general rule of thumb. I say “functional” because I vote and can still hold a conversation – to some degree – about the every day goings ons in politics, without sounding like the Unabomber, but I still have an underlying level of cynicism when it comes to my beliefs in this democracy. Under every U.S. president, people all over the world have died, been tortured, and punished unfairly for our leader’s rulership. So why would an Obama presidency be any different? Also, just in case you’re confused about how I feel about the current administration… F*ck Trump now and forever and into eternity. And his demonic spawn.

But back to Obeezy, should he and Hilary be punished? Maybe. But is that the problem right now? People are literally being sold. How do we fix this? Yes, we’ve figured out who to blame but what good is that right now? Can we re-install Obama back into office and he can undo everything he did in Libya? No? Then let’s figure out what we can do to help these people being sold into slavery. I’m not a big advocate for American Imperialism so I’m not quite sure how the situation can be helped without America making it worse. But I’m open to finding out what regular people like myself can do to stop this madness, whether it be calling a congressman or donating to some charity that’ll get people the hell up out of that situation.

Anyway, I’m frustrated (if you can’t already tell) and my heart weeps for those who are and continue to be abused by the world’s leaders. I’ll be all up and through the internet trying to figure out what tangible thing I can do besides pray and retweet everything. But at the end of the day, it frustrates me when I see the myriad of snarky “Obama’s fault” tweets and articles because I’m seeing more of those than actual tweets and articles about solutions. And I’m terrified that this means that there are none. Knowing why this happened is immensely important but even more-so is using what information we have to figure out how to fix the shit. And again, in no way am I saying that we should collectively take pressure off of Obama and Hilary. If more politicians were held accountable for their actions, perhaps we wouldn’t have such a toxic government, country and planet in the first place. But solutions? What are they? What can we do with what we’ve learned?

We have a man child in office and we already know President Baby isn’t going to do anything but does that completely relieve us of our responsibility to bring light to this issue and shame him for not – at the very least – making a statement? (At this point in time, he hasn’t said anything except tweet a cryptic message about “fake news”).

At the end of the day, I just hope this game of “Who’s to Blame?” ends with an effective solution. On a brighter note, this article from Bustle gives several great tips about how to help…

I’ll try to post more solution oriented articles as I find them.



Sorry y’all

It’s been six months since I last wrote on this thing. Six months!!! What is going on?! I don’t know, to be honest. I guess the better question would be, what is inspiring me to pick up my laptop and write right now?

For starters, I just finished my Shonda Rhimes master class and it was super inspiring. Made me want to get up and write every single thing I’ve ever thought about in life. Secondly, I went back and looked at some old blogs I used to write. And I mean ooooold. These blogs were from eight and nine years ago and I spilled my guts nearly every single day about every single thing. While a lot of my blog posts didn’t age well (i.e. my love for religion and belief in the bible – hashtag yikes) many of it was really lovely to read and it made me wonder why I’ve fallen so hard off the wagon. I have such a strong desire to get started again. Being that my old blog was on, I sometimes wonder if I should just start back up on that blog since there’s a certain level of nostalgia that I associate with the format. WordPress looks very washed out and dry to me, for some reason. But I told myself, nope! You’re going to take to this blog and write a little every day (if possible) and then build on what you’ve already written. (Also, if I should change my mind… I’ll just give you all a heads up so that you can know what my new blogger domain is).

Anywho, a few other reasons I haven’t been writing lately are because I had a few barriers to entry.  My laptop crashed and I needed to get it fixed. Then I’d gotten a producing job on a feature film (which was really cool and I’ll write about that soon) and it was extremely time consuming so no writing. At the end of the day, I have some good excuses/reasons for not having been able to write but I’m done with all that. Now it’s time to make time for writing no matter what (she tells herself for the fiftieth time this month.)

So with that said, if you or a friend of yours is a creative, storyteller or writer  I implore you to purchase the gift of MasterClass. To be honest, you don’t have to even be a writer or creative because there are classes for everything – playing basketball, cooking, learning music, etc. Whatever you can think of… there’s a class for it. And it will definitely inspire you. So that’s all I got for now.

More to come tomorrow.