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Exodus into the Job Abyss

I’m leaving my place of employment and here’s the dealio. I’m feeling good about this decision but I don’t know that I’ve ever given y’all the details.

So here’s some things concerning my premature ejaculation…

from my job:



My last day is this Friday.


I’m leaving this gig because I’m overqualified. That’s prettymuch what it all boils down to. I could break down all of the little things that make me want to leave but every grievance, complaint, annoyance, mistake and/or confusion within my workplace experiences centers on the fact that I am overqualified to be doing what I’m doing.


My job is to help someone else to do their job. Again, I could break down my position and give you my official title and every single requirement but this is really another ‘bottom line’ element which everything else boils down to. There is not one thing that I do on any given day that is independent of my helping another person to achieve their professional (and many times personal) goals.

Which is totally fine…

…but that’s not what I want to do. And more importantly, I’m not gaining skills that could help me to get a better job.


Well, I’m glad you asked! You’re so considerate… we should really do coffee sometime.

I’m leaving this job so that I can pursue personal projects. My goal is to produce short films, feature films, web series, hell… maybe even a TV series. I want to do my own thing.

And that is where ish gets scary.

Because despite the fact that I followed my dreams up to this point, I’ve always done what I’d like to call “asking-for-permission-ass” jobs. (An asking-for-permission-ass job is pretty explanatory, I think. Just imagine a grownup version of the game “Mother May I.”) Anyway, I’ve spent 10 years ‘paying my dues’ and asking Mother if I could take a few bunny hops forward only to be told, “nah Peggy… but you can stay your ass where you at tho”. The shit is old. And I can’t imagine spending another year not having a job where I can work from home. Or take a client to lunch. Or fire someone.

So here I am.


First of all, I ain’t doing shit yet. I could fail miserably and come crawling back to my current job, begging for a chance to be in the building again.

Just as – you know –  a janitor.

I don’t need my old job back, Marie, I swear. I just need a job. Any job ya got!

**Picks up mop**

See, look at this. I’m mopping the floor. Ain’t too proud for this, Marie. I know it’s a carpet… just… come on! Work with me here.

So don’t copy offa me because I have no idea what I’m doing. Anywho, it really helps that my hubby is working again. Otherwise, my other go-to would be to live in my car. I think about living in my car quite a bit, actually, dunno why.

But my hubby is taking on the brunt of our bills because he knows that I got the goods and will probably be a pretty decent Producer. We’re going to rely on his paycheck and thank God he’s been able to find more freelance work recently because, I planned on quitting no matter what.

So I’m ready to give this entrepreneurial life a try because I’ve done everything else and can’t fathom spending another day wondering “what if?”


Some Thoughts on the Transgender Bathroom

Here’s my thing…

I am a woman.

  • I look like a woman.
  • I dress like a woman.
  • I feel like a woman.
  • I’m a woman, y’all.

If I was a transgender woman I’d . . .

  • Look like a woman.
  • Dress like a woman.
  • Feel like a woman.
  • …I’d be a woman y’all.

Now let’s take this further.

Why would I – being the woman that I am – want to walk into a  men’s restroom and use it with a bunch of dudes? It’s dangerous. But if I was a transgender person – which I totally could be, you guys. You don’t know my life – I’d have to use the men’s restroom in North Carolina. And that shit sounds scary as hell.

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 3.20.16 PM.png

Also, how on earth could you prove that a person used to be a man or woman? Like, if I go into a women’s restroom in North Carolina and someone accuses me of being born a man, would I have to prove that I was not? And how would that work? I really need someone to take me through the whole process.

I knew I shouldn’t have dropped A.P. Physics in High School.

Bottom line, transgender people should have the right to use the restroom of the gender that they identify as. It’s the easiest thing. The safest thing. And it makes the most sense.

Going to a Beyonce Concert

So I went to a Beyonce concert 4 days ago and I’m still recovering. And guess what? I didn’t even have to buy tickets.  That’s right, you heard me. A chick got in for free.

Long story short, a friend had an extra ticket and deemed me worthy to come along. And boy was I not worthy! But anyway, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…

Since Mike (and now Prince) are gone, the woman has picked up the gauntlet as the biggest superstar and greatest performer of this generation. Fight me.

Here’s what happened first…

D.J. Khaled opened up. We missed this part as I was with a group that didn’t care about him and just wanted to see Yonce. So we got there right as he finished. And then we waited. Anxiously. For an hour. At the time I didn’t understand why Khaled’s act didn’t lead directly into Beyonce twerking onto the stage but after what happened next, I can kind of understand why it took a whole hour between his set and her dramatic entrance.


Her Dramatic Entrance

So suddenly the lights went down, sending the entire Qualcomm stadium into darkness. Thousands of people were rendered silent. Ominous music played as an enormous box in the middle of the stage rotated slowly. Suddenly an explosion sound, as an image of Beyonce flashed onto the huge box. This happened for about five minutes as three huge boxes slowly turned until they both faced front and center. Each time the boxes exploded with an image, the crowd went crazy. Then finally the images stayed up on the screens. And some video of her doing some fierce shit happened. I can’t even remember what song – if any – was playing. I just remember screaming my head off along with everyone else.

Finally, Beyonce appeared and got to snatching scalps, sangin, dancing and causing complete and utter destruction with her gang of bad bitches.



Beyonce did her entire Lemonade album, but out of order and mixed in with her other songs from her discography. She danced her ass off and wove a narrative that covered every emotional subject in Lemonade from her hubby’s indiscretions to her anger, distrust, forgiveness and rebuilding of the relationship. In the middle, she managed to give a beautiful Prince tribute. She sang Beautiful Ones (one of my fav songs) and this lead right into Purple Rain.

All of the screens went purple as the first chords of Purple Rain started. Prince’s voice belted out his signature song and Beyonce was nowhere to be seen. Purple flicklets (I know it’s called confetti) rained down from the sky as the crowd swayed side to side, phones in the air lighting up the sky.

Never have I felt so united with so many people even though it didn’t seem like people really knew the words to Beautiful Ones (young crowd, I guess). Also, Beyonce’s voice wavered juuuust once in the entire concert – that I know of –  during Beautiful Ones. I didn’t notice it at the time, but heard it when I played back some video.
One thing I will say is that throughout Bey’s performance I saw quite a bit of Damita “Ms. Jackson if you’re nasty” Jo. Beyonce’s concerts are very much inspired by Janet Jackson (who’s 50th birthday is today – Happy Birthday Boo!!!) I think Bey should sing a Janet song for her next concert just to give credit where it’s due. But then again, this one hythm nation number she did where the dancers did these mechanical military movements wearing all black with a bunch of buttons looked so much like rhythm nation that I thought Janet just might grace the stage her damn self.
One of my favorite songs on Lemonade is Daddy Lessons and she did this heel-boot kicking number (while still wearing the Janet inspired black, military gear) and I almost lost my mind. I wouldn’t call myself the biggest country fan, but I can appreciate country if the song is good. And Daddy Lessons is my favorite country song right now. But a few other faves off the album are All Night, 6 Inch and Freedom (not necessarily in that order). And she performed all these songs and more! Much more!AfterthoughtsI’m still not a member of the “Bey-hive” but I will say that I have been a Beyonce fan for yeeeeears. She is the consummate performer and she puts on quite a show. Lemonade, the movie AND the album are works of art. I feel like only time will tell us whether the album is a masterpiece.For now, I can rest knowing that I had the pleasure of seeing the greatest entertainer of this – the millenial – generation perform live and in concert. Go ‘head.. fight me.